Music in eventS, PRODUCTIONS and domestic use videos

Types of activity we can licence

  • The public performance of recorded music in live productions, events and shows;
  • Music used at Sporting events;
  • Commercial photographer/videographer DVDs intended for limited private use, e.g. wedding videos/photo slideshows.

To enquire about featured music licences, please contact Liz Diamond on (09) 361 6873 or email

Types of activity we are unable to licence

We are unable to license other specific types of music use , Some examples are listed below, where the owners of music (or their representatives in NZ) must be contacted directly.

  • Advertising and commercials.
  • Reproducing/synchronsing music into film and documentaries.
  • Interactive music services.

If you have any questions , we are very happy to discuss your specific situation. If we are unable to offer a licence, we can help you to identify the appropriate rights’ holder and provide you with contact details free of charge.

In most cases, there will be a representative in New Zealand who you can deal with directly regarding permissions and costs involved in using music in this way.

To enquire about who owns a piece of music, please contact Liz Diamond on (09) 361 6873 or email