Recorded Music offers Music Grants for projects related to recorded music, to support development in the music community. The programme makes a small number of contestable grants available to specific, non-commercial projects that are educational, archival or charitable in nature.

Music Grants applications are reviewed and successful grant recipients decided by a funding panel of artist members, who also sit as Recorded Music’s Artists Committee. In 2022 we supported 17 projects from across the recorded music industry. View the full list of projects here.

We are making some changes to the Music Grants programme to better align with the kinds of applications we are seeing and the pool of funds available. The changes are:

  • There will be only two rounds of grant funding available in 2024, with application deadlines of 31 March and 30 September
  • Grants will only be available for projects with an application budget of $5k. We will not be offering grants for less or more than this sum – although your full project budget can of course be bigger

There will be one more grant funding round in 2023. The application deadline is 30 September (decision to be notified by 31 October). There will be no grant round in December 2023.


To be considered for a Music Grant your project must be:

Specific and non-commercial
Grants can only be awarded for specific projects. For instance, you can’t apply for general operational, core or overall funding or funding for recordings, videos, tours, marketing or anything related to the specific activities of individual recording artists.If your application relates to composing or songwriting, the project may be more suitable for support from APRA AMCOS.

Educational, archival/conservation or charitable in nature
The project should be educational, archival or charitable in nature, and lead to positive outcomes for the wider Aotearoa music industry.

Led by a resident of Aotearoa | New Zealand
Applicants must be a resident of Aotearoa to apply and be either working in, or connected in some way to, the recorded music industry.In considering applications, the following factors will also be taken into account:

  • The extent to which the project is likely to benefit the recorded music industry as a whole, or a broad range of members of that industry, as opposed to an individual or small group
  • The extent to which the project has a focus on recorded music rather than songwriting and composition (which may be more appropriate for support from APRA AMCOS)
  • The extent to which the applicant can demonstrate a proven ability to plan and execute projects; and
  • The extent to which the conduct of the applicant, and the subject of the application, are consistent with Recorded Music NZ’s reputation and values including as set out in the Recorded Music Code of Conduct and our Representation & Inclusion Policy
  • The amount of an approved Music Grant is $5,000 (no more and no less)
  • Applicants can only submit one application in each funding round
  • Music Grants are for one-off payments only and not for periodical or recurring costs
  • Retrospective applications will not be considered
  • We don’t fund projects that qualify for assistance through MusicHelps

Please note, your application should outline your actual costs and the total amount requested in your application should reflect a true costing.


We offer two funding rounds per calendar year. You will be notified as to whether your application has been successful within one month of the deadline for filing applications.

Deadline for filing applications Decision notified by
31 March 30 April
30 September 31 October

The application form linked to below outlines the Terms & Conditions associated with receiving a Music Grant. These include our expectation that recipients comply with the Recorded Music Code of Conduct and promote its values across the funded activities. Recipients are also required to be aware of and comply with their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. These obligations include measures to prevent the risks associated with sexual harassment, harassment and bullying. See Worksafe – Managing Health & Safety and Worksafe – Sexual Harassment, Advice for Businesses.

You may invoice Recorded Music NZ for 50% of the awarded sum once your grant has been approved. The remaining 50% will be paid on completion of your project and receipt of a cost report and project summary. This process may vary at the discretion of Recorded Music NZ. You may be requested to provide receipts or other supporting documentation showing that the Music Grant was applied in the way we approved.


Please complete the application form linked to below, providing an outline of your project and how it meets the criteria detailed above. Email the completed form to

Music Grants Application Form


Please direct all Music Grants enquiries to:

Rochelle Stables
Member Services
DDI (09) 361 6839

Dean Cameron
Manager Member Services
DDI (09) 361 6836