Music Grants

Recorded Music NZ sets aside up to 1% of net revenue, and makes this available for educational, archival/conservation and charitable projects that fall within the scope of the Music Grants programme.

The types of projects supported by Music Grants are:

Educational projects such as workshops and seminars or events aimed at skills development for those involved in the NZ music industry.

Archival/conservation projects which focus on the preservation of the NZ recorded music industry’s history, both current and older.

Charitable type projects that contribute to the vibrancy of the NZ music industry, and which don’t qualify for assistance from MusicHelps.

Through our Music Grants programme Recorded Music NZ supports the work of MusicHelps and you can find out more about the work it carries out at

Criteria for a Music Grant

There are several criteria that need to be met to be considered for a Music Grant.

1. A Specific non-commercial project

The help you are looking for has to be for a specific project. For instance, you can’t apply for general overall funding, funding for recordings, videos, tours, marketing or anything related to the specific activities of individual recording artists.

2. Educational, archival/conservation or charitable

The project will need to be of an educational, charitable or archival nature, within the Recorded Music Industry;

3. NZ resident

Applicants must be an NZ resident to apply and be either working in, or in some way related to, the recorded music industry.

Music Grant Funding

The maximum amount of any Music Grant is:

Individual Application: $2,500 per Grant
Group /Organisation Application: $5,000 per Grant

While the maximum figure is provided, we expect many projects may require a lower level of financial support. Your application should outline your actual costs and the amount requested in your application should reflect this.

An individual or organisation can only make one application in each funding round, but you can apply in the next round for a different project.

Music Grants are for one-off payment only and not for periodical or recurring costs.

Funding Rounds

We have four funding/application rounds each year.

Deadline for Filing Applications Decision Notified By
31 March 30 April
30 June 31 July
30 September 31 October
24 December 31 January

You will either receive confirmation that your application was successful, or notice that we can’t help.

If your application is approved, You may invoice Recorded Music NZ for 50% of the approved amount with the remaining 50% to be paid on completion and receipt of cost report and summary of the approved grant. Any variation to this is subject to the discretion of the committee.

You will also receive details of our Music Grants terms, which include that you may be requested to provide receipts or other supporting documentation showing that the Music Grant was applied in the way we approved.

How To Apply For a Music Grant

We don’t require too much prescribed information – but the more detail you give us, the easier it will be for us to make a decision.

We give preference to applicants who can show they have a proven ability to plan and execute projects benefiting the NZ recorded music industry.

Music Grants Application Form

Complete the application form and either:

Music Grant Recipients

Recorded Music NZ is pleased to have supported the following projects through the Music Grants programme in 2018:

For all Music Grant enquiries

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Distribution and Member Services Manager
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