• The Official NZ Music Charts


    Find out how the Official NZ Music Charts work, and how to submit sales reports for inclusion

The Official NZ Music Charts reflect the highest-selling and streaming songs of the week and are based on a combination of physical and digital sales and on-demand audio streams collated from music providers throughout the country. The Hot Charts also include radio airplay and reflect the songs achieving the greatest week-on-week growth.

RadioScope collects the raw retail and streaming data on which The New Zealand Music Chart is based. For a detailed explanation of the processes and methodology applied, please refer to the Official Chart rules.


Gold and Platinum certifications are awarded on the basis of over-the-counter retail sales and streaming data.

Current qualifying thresholds are:

Format Gold Platinum
Singles 15,000 30,000
Albums 7,500 15,000
DVD 2,500 5,000
Licensing chart data

If you are interested in reproducing the Chart data (such as publishing or broadcasting), please see the Charts Terms Of Use page for further information and contact Recorded Music New Zealand Limited on (09) 360 5085.

Chart rules & codes

A set of rules and a member’s code (available here) ensures consistency and legitimacy of the data. All heads of major record companies have signed the rules on behalf of their staff as have those retailers providing data.

Chart return stores

If you wish to participate as a chart return store for the official New Zealand chart please email Paul Kennedy at paulkennedy@radioscope.co.nz or call him on 07 855 4148.

Download the Venue Settlement Form for chart returns