Television broadcasters must obtain a licence to broadcast, communicate via their websites and for the limited reproduction of recorded music into their programmes.

Commercial Television

The commercial television broadcast, communication and limited reproduction licence is preferably based on a percentage of a station’s gross advertising revenue. In the case of subscription services, the fee is a preferably a “greater of” model including a rate per subscriber.

For all enquiries relating to commercial television broadcast licensing, please contact Damian Vaughan by emailing

Regional and Community Television

Television broadcast services are provided by community television stations around the country. We offer a licence for these services, for the broadcast and limited reproduction of sound recordings.

Community Television – free to air The greater of 0.3% of gross advertising revenue + GST per annum or $500.00 + GST per annum.

For all enquiries relating to regional and community television broadcast licensing, please contact Liz Diamond by emailing


Using music in television programmes requires the permission of the sound recording owners. This permission needs to cover the broadcast or communication of the programme, as well as the reproduction or copying of recordings into programmes.

A commercial broadcaster’s licence provides the certain permission to copy music into programming produced by that broadcaster, when sound recordings are used in an incidental and background way. However, when programmes are produced externally by independent production companies for supply to broadcasters, the relevant production company will need to hold a reproduction licence.

In certain circumstances, Recorded Music NZ can seek permission to offer a blanket licence on behalf of sound recording owners for music copied into independent productions. If we are unable to offer a licence, we can help you to identify the appropriate Master Rights Holders for direct licensing enquiries.

If you have an enquiry around licensing for independent production companies please contact Liz Diamond by emailing