We offer a low-cost solution for businesses that incorporate music into films and videos for viewing by a domestic audience of weddings, birthdays and other similar events, where these video recordings are being made solely for the purpose of domestic viewing by clients.

In most circumstances, the synchronising and reproduction of sound recordings into film and video requires individual clearances directly with the owners of the recordings you wish to use.

Our Non-Broadcast Video licences (Annual and Single Event) permit music played at an event to be captured in the production, as well as copying from commercial recordings in post-production.

Please be aware, however, that there are specific restrictions to the licence terms. In particular, these licences are not available for any corporate or training video, for any video containing advertising materials, any productions that will be made commercially available or for public screening. The licence also does not extend to upload of any material to internet platforms or any type of social media.

The Annual and Single Event Domestic Use video licences are administered by OneMusic. You can find out more and apply for a licence by calling 0800 800 663