digital and online

Video and audio services and broadcasts can take the form of subscription television and video services or online radio stations.

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)

This licence is available for services providing on-demand film and television content, through subscription services. The licence covers the communication of sound recordings embodied within programming and made available via these services.

Subscription Video On Demand Service The greater of :
(a) an annual payment of $30,000 + GST per annum; or
(b) $0.03c + GST per subscriber per month.

Audio Webcasting/Online Radio

Recorded Music NZ’s Audio Webcast Licence is a 1 year renewable licence for those operating non-interactive webcast activities, with annual revenue of less than $15,000 per annum.

The annual licence fee is $260.00 (plus GST) and the following terms apply:

  • The webcast service is a single music channel communicated without interactive controls to users and no permanent or temporary file is retained by the user.
  • Effective technologies must be installed which prevent stream ripping/copying.
  • Metadata that identifies tracks and artists to be communicated alongside transmission (but not prior to transmission).

This licence is available for audio webcasters based in New Zealand, operating a single channel service only, with listeners who are also based in New Zealand.

General Entertainment Licence

The General Entertainment Licence is for on-line news/entertainment and archiving services, offering audio and video content for general entertainment purposes. The licence authorises the communication by streaming sound recordings from a website on a non-interactive basis. Licence fees vary depending on the nature of the service and the quantity of sound recordings communicated.

Part-Repertoire and Direct Licensing

Recorded Music NZ can provide part-repertoire licences. In addition, our Master Right Holders can also offer direct licences.

To find out more or apply for any of the licences listed here please contact either or