register as an artist

Once registered, our direct-to-artist scheme (previously know as The RAP Fund) provides an opportunity for recording artists to be paid directly for the broadcast and public performance of sound recordings where they are a featured artist.

You are entitled to register if you’re a recording artist who is the featured performer (i.e. not session musicians/contract musician or DJ) and the recording is made by a New Zealand citizen, resident or company, or if the majority of the featured artists are New Zealand citizens or residents.

Artists and rights owners (e.g. a record label) of recordings registered with Recorded Music NZ get 50% each of the income payable. Artists in a group need to declare a “nominated claimant” for their share.

When do I need to register?

An artists’ repertoire or tracks, needs to be registered with us by 30th April each year to be included in the annual royalty distribution.

To register as a recording artist online click here.

If you would prefer to complete a paper registration (Microsoft Word) please download the Artist Registration Form

If a New Zealand recording artist chooses not to register then all income received by Recorded Music NZ will be paid to the relevant copyright holder – often the record label/distributor. Any distribution from the label to the artist would then be determined by the terms of individual contracts or agreements between the parties.

 Independent Artists

If a person is both the artist performing on the recording and owns the master recording, that person would receive 100% of the income payable. If you do own the copyright in your sound recording(s) you will need to complete, sign and return the Recorded Music NZ input agreement.

As the owner of a sound recording once you complete, sign and return the input agreement you will also have the option to become a shareholder in Recorded Music NZ  if you wish.

What happens next?

Once your registration has been received your account will be created and a login issued. You can then maintain your account/recording details and manage any royalty distributions accordingly.

If you are an existing registered artist please login using your registered email address and password. If you have forgotten or wish to reset your password please enter your email address and click reset password.