Why Join?

The Copyright Act 1994 gives owners of sound recordings what are called “performance rights”. These rights mean that recording artists and record labels who own sound recordings can charge a fee when their work is used in certain public settings.

Recorded Music NZ collectively administers these performing rights on behalf of owners of sound recordings – it would be very difficult for each individual copyright holder to do this on their own.

Equally, it would be difficult for music users to identify and seek permission from every copyright owner!

We license businesses and organisations that use recorded music and then pay this income to the owners of these recordings as annual public performance and broadcast royalties.

If your music is broadcast on radio or television or is played in pubs, bars, cafes, shops, gyms – or any other public place around New Zealand – you may be entitled to royalty payments.

It is quick and easy to register your tracks with us and our service is free.

Click here for our Music Map showing licensing income streams in NZ.