• Special Events

    Music can play a key role in productions and events.


Music often plays a unique role at special events, either as a soundtrack to a performance or production or as the backdrop for dancing, mingling and creating the right atmosphere.

If you intend to use recorded music at a special event or sporting event, you need the permission of the owners of the music you use. You can obtain this permission by applying for a Special Events Licence or a Sporting Event Licence.

This licence applies for both ticketed events and events that are invitation-only, with no admission fee.

Special Event – Ticketed 1.65% of Gross Sums Paid for Admission x Music Use Percentage, subject to a minimum fee of $75.00 +GST
Special Event – No Admission Fee 2% of Gross Expenditure on Performers at the Event, subject to a minimum fee of $75.00 +GST
Sporting Event 0.04 cents per person admitted to each day at each event

Download the info sheet for more information, or email jubt@recordedmusic.co.nz