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Recorded Music NZ Structure

A document detailing our organisation structure is available here: Company Structure.

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Member Services

Our Member Services Team delivers projects and services that promote the recorded music industry to music fans around the country. We produce the annual Vodafone NZ Music Awards and publish the weekly Official NZ Top 40 Chart.

This team also manages member track registrations, collects and analyses music-use data from broadcasters and others using our Members’ music and manages the distribution of royalties to the owners of the music used each year.

Music Licensing

We licence radio and television broadcasters to use our Members recordings and provide licences for certain webcast services. Through OneMusic, a joint initiative with APRA, we also licence businesses around the country to use our members’ music in public.

ProMusic NZ

Our ProMusic NZ Team is dedicated to protecting copyright as well as providing information and resources for music fans on where to find music legally on- and off-line. To download the current list click here.

Recorded Music NZ is a member of WeCreate.

The Recorded Music New Zealand Limited certificate of incorporation is available here.