Recorded Music NZ has led the contemporary music sector in a request to government for assistance in light of the impact of covid-19.  The request was sent to government on 17th April on behalf of Recorded Music NZ, APRA AMCOS, NZ Promoters Association, MMF and IMNZ.  We have asked government for a number of measures for immediate assistance, and further measures to assist the industry with recovery and return to productivity in the coming months and years ahead.  Our request to government is summarised below


The impact of Covid-19 on the music industry has been devastating.


• Extend the wage subsidy scheme for affected workers until restrictions on mass gatherings are removed and the border is re-opened

• Improve government support for SMEs including meaningful rent relief and easier access to borrowed funds

• Assist music venues and businesses with other costs where possible, e.g. rates relief

$2 million contribution to MusicHelps to support workers in the music industry


• Permanent PACE type scheme to financially support artists and emerging professionals to start or re-ignite a creative career

$1.2 million: Two-year PR campaign to encourage Kiwis to buy, play, stream and support NZ music

$3 million: Additional funding to NZ On Air and Te Manghai Paho to ensure Kiwis can continue to create and market new music

$1.5 million per annum: Additional funding to the NZ Music Commission to support domestic touring and work on sustainable careers for artists

• As alert levels allow, Government to work proactively with the live events and music industry, as well as local Councils and across government agencies, to problem-solve and get live music up and running again

• Government to provide appropriate support for those sectors that add value to their business through music, and pay licence fees, especially broadcasting, hospitality, retail


Image © Mark Roach.


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