Recorded Music New Zealand has today launched a position paper setting out the New Zealand music industry’s priorities for the upcoming review of the Copyright Act.

The paper, Music Doesn’t Just Happen, outlines the vital role that a robust copyright system plays in supporting music in New Zealand, the need for fair value to return to those who create and invest in music, and the key issues that the Copyright Act review needs to address.

“It’s an exciting time to be a music fan in New Zealand, with more options than ever before for fans to experience music how and when they want. The music industry has been a leader in the digital environment, investing in new business models and driving innovation.

But music doesn’t just happen – there is a huge investment of time, money and human resources behind the scenes. For this investment to continue it is essential that New Zealand has the right copyright framework”, says Recorded Music NZ CEO, Damian Vaughan.

“While the Copyright Act provides a sound framework, some key adjustments are needed to bring it into line with the reality of today’s market.

Music Doesn’t Just Happen sets out a roadmap for the Government to do this, to help ensure a sustainable future for Kiwi recording artists and all those employed in our local music industry, and continued investment in developing great talent and delivering it to music fans in New Zealand and around the world.

“In particular we have singled out four key issues that we believe need to be addressed in the review.

“We are asking the Government to ensure fair market conditions for negotiations with digital platforms, provide for effective enforcement of copyright online, harmonise New Zealand’s copyright term with that of other OECD countries and give recording artists and record companies a fair go on copyright exceptions.

“The New Zealand music industry employs over 2000 people directly, contributing over $550 million to GDP per year and with artists like Lorde and songwriters like Opetai Foa’i, it is clear that we are making our mark globally.

To secure the right environment for local and export success now and in the future it’s vital to address the issues we have highlighted. We look forward to working with the Government on this as they progress their work programme”, concluded Mr Vaughan.

The Government is expected to release an issues paper on the Copyright Act review by year end.

The full Recorded Music NZ paper Music Doesn’t Just Happen can be found here.

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