New Zealand screen and music organisations have welcomed the release of the Issues Paper on the review of the Copyright Act as an important step in the review process.

The organisations represent the interests of local and international creators in the music, film and television production and distribution sectors.  These sectors make a major cultural and economic contribution to New Zealand and provide jobs for thousands of New Zealanders.

The organisations are keen to ensure that the voice of the sector is heard in the review, and that the Government understands the importance of a robust copyright framework to a strong music and screen industry in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s copyright laws have not been updated in over a decade and the organisations believe that the review is a positive opportunity to update them to ensure that they continue to support and underpin New Zealand’s creative talent into the future.

Jo Oliver General Counsel for Recorded Music NZ, said:

“Music is a defining element of our culture and from Lorde to Six60, New Zealand musicians are enjoying success both here and overseas.

“Music fans are the winners in all of this and can now access music in more ways than ever before.  But this success doesn’t just happen – its essential New Zealand has the right copyright framework that enables full and fair value to be returned to those who create and invest in music.

“We look forward to working with government as it considers these issues as part of the review.”

Cate Slater, TVNZ Director of Content said:

“Local content is a taonga and it’s important that we protect it, as well as the talented people who make it.

“The current law was designed for a pre-internet age, but the growth of online has seen the way we consume content change dramatically.

“We welcome the opportunity to discuss how copyright can better support the local production community in New Zealand today. To us, the conversation is necessary to ensure a wealth of homegrown content for future generations.”

Sophie Moloney, General Counsel for Sky Television, said:

“There is more television content on offer than ever before, but every show you watch is the result of the hard work of the actors, the sportspeople, the directors, the production crew, to name a few.

“Broadcasters like SKY are focused on delivering those shows in ways that work for our customers, and having sound copyright protection in place is important for every contributor in that process.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with Government and colleagues across the creative sector to ensure that the copyright regime supports creators and distributors of great television content – so that we can all keep making it and enjoying it.”

Paul Muller, CEO for Australia New Zealand Screen Association, said:

“Copyright holders in New Zealand have embraced the digital environment and today great movies and TV shows are available in a multitude of digital formats and models.

“This Issues paper offers an opportunity for all New Zealand content creators to be heard and recognised, and to enable them to keep creating and for New Zealanders to enjoy the great stories they tell.”

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