In April/May 2022 Recorded Music will hold elections for the two elected members of our Board the Independent Director and Artist Representative Director.  We will be calling for nominations for candidates for these positions in April/May.

The role of the Board is to set the high level strategic goals of the company and to monitor the implementation of those goals by the management team in line with the Vision, Mission and Core Principles.  This includes providing financial oversight, ensuring responsible use of resources, enhancing relationships with stakeholders and monitoring legal compliance.

There is work ahead for the Board to help us navigate the complex challenges of maximising income in the uncertain environment of COVID-19, while continuing to provide excellent services to right holders and recording artists, and creating a truly inclusive organisation to serve all of the people that make up our recorded music community.

If you are interested in being nominated for one of the elected director positions, we encourage you to read the information HERE and contact us if you are interested to discuss the role further. The formal call for nominations will be later in the year.

We value a diverse range of voices and experiences represented on the Board and we encourage eligible candidates from all backgrounds to consider being nominated.

In order to vote in the elections you need to be a master rights holder and registered as an independent shareholder of Recorded Music. Our member services team will contact eligible rights holders shortly with information on how to become an independent shareholder.  For all those who are existing shareholders no action is required for now.

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